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   I've placed an order 2 days ago for 1 pair of christian louboutin boots, however, I found that there are 2 merchant no.1210011 & 1210010 for this product in my order history. May I know how do I remove/delete it from the order history? And I've yet to make the payment due to this problem.In fact, I've made a confirmation with yours about this product before I placed an order. You are telling now this pair of christian louboutin boots is out of stock. If I knew that this product is out of stock, I would't placed the order in the first place.Is it possible to check for me to restocked this product? Really appreaciate your help for this. Appreciate you could let me know the following: 1) What if I can't find any replacement? Can i get back my refund?2) If i can found any suitable christian louboutin sale in your website, but the price is lower than i paid for the previous one, how should i get back the refund? By the way, how do I choose another pair of christian louboutin sale ? This is the 2nd time that you said the product is out of stock? Why don't you let me know which brand and model do u have in stock? So that I can choose from there. By the way, it will be easier to keep track and I would appreciate you could refund the balance. If I interested to place an next order, I will paid the full amount for the item. Thank you for the discount.

   I have justtried to pay for a pair of christian louboutin nappa bootie but note that although you display the Paypal sign on yoru site there is no method to pay by Paypal. Please send these details so that I can pay for my christian louboutin leopard boots securely. Also I note that you do not accept Mastercard 9another secured guaranteed form of payment) why is that?

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